American Dreamers

Tom Jikomes

American Dream Magazine

President and CEO 

President, Founder and CEO of American Dream Magazine. ADM is a full service marketing company that promotes entrepreneurs throughout Chicago land by creating their American Dream Story in a 4 page full color glossy brochure that we email blast to our data base of 20,000+ entrepreneurs, target market, produce videos and events to connect entrepreneurs more efficiently and effectively than they could do themselves.

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Stephanie Rabiola

Executive Producer, Titanium Media 

The Director of One Day Two Legends was born and raised in Chicago, Stephanie got her chops working on "Indy" features developing and honing her skills as a filmmaker.


Even though her first love is Chicago, she is no stranger to working nationally. Working for several agencies, television shows and cinema projects around the country, She has now come home to start Titanium Media, a full service production company. 


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Sandy Oprondek

Health and Wellness Expert

After 20 successful years as a Financial Advisor, showing people how to make their dreams a   reality, she reached a point where she wanted to do something different and yet something that would make a difference in others’ lives. During this quest was when she was introduced to USANA Health Sciences. Her passion changed from helping others build a nest egg, to helping them achieve their dreams by staying healthy. Believing that health is your most important asset. 

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Tara McCallam

Artist and Spiritual Life Coach

Tara focuses on helping people understand the brightest parts of themselves; allowing their dreams to come out of the shadows and to understand how to create them in daily life.


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James Gilbert

James Gilbert, No Obsticle Sales & Marketing

specializes in selling retail/household goods to consumers through expos and fairs throughout IL, WI  & IA. The American Dream Marketing Team is helping James to expand his business/income by expanding his network. Read More About James

Copy Of -Tom Nestor

Thomas Nestor is a best-selling author, Professional Speaker, and the CEO of Thomas Nestor Leadership Institute, a company specializing in creating learning and development for leaders and organizations. Thomas’ purpose is to teach 1 Million people every year how to lead in a world that seems to crave leadership.

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Jane Bell

Success Media Group Social Media Expert

Now a very successful entrepreneur and social media expert,  Jane Bell fought hard for her American Dream. Jane was born and raised in the former Soviet Union in the city of Leningrad, which is now St. Petersburg. As all children in Russia do, Jane completed her primary education in 10 years instead of the 12 year structure in the US. Jane felt the urge to study in America. She was able to find a host family in Vermont and so fulfilled her dream of coming to America to study at the age of 18. 


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Rita Shvets

Author and Educator

Vernon Hills Montessori School 


Author of Vassa, The Piano Teacher- My Journey Into the The American Dream and owner of Vernon Hills Montessori School. This woman on the move is an example of the ultimate American entrepreneur. 


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