As a young adult Robin was an athlete, but she wasn’t brought up in a healthy household. Both of her parents were smokers and were considered obese.  Growing up she didn’t remember them ever not being overweight.  Looking at her from the outside she looked perfectly healthy. She wasn’t overweight but she had hereditary high cholesterol. 


She did not find out she had high cholesterol until her Dad passed away at 53 from a massive heart attack.  She was 29, the mother of two small children, exercised regularly, didn’t have a weight problem, but had high cholesterol. She was scared to death she was going to end up like her Dad and she didn’t know what to do about it.  She tried all of the latest and greatest ideas…eliminating eggs, taking fish oil supplements, adding flax seed, adding more exercise to the point that she became a gym rat.







But she struggled for the next 15 years trying to manage it without medication. Her mother also struggled with obesity her entire adult life. Robin remembers how frustrated her Mom used to get when they traveled and the seat belt wouldn’t fit.  How tired she would get walking around Disney World.  Even renting a motorized scooter a few times.   Her Mom was on 10 medications.  Five medications were to manage her obesity related issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and erratic heartbeat.  The other five were to combat the additional health issues the first five caused.  Robin remembers telling her mom about her Cholesterol issues and her Mother’s response being…”just go to your doctor and ask for medication.  It works great!”  Robin’s mom passed away on August 9th, 2013.  The past six years of her Mom’s life were spent in and out of the hospital.  Three major surgeries over six years and many months in rehab left her mother weaker each time.  During her last visit to the hospital she was no longer obese. With the years of surgery and recovery she was considered at a good weight, but very frail from being sick for many years.  She didn’t have the strength to 

fight anymore.  She was 70, but did not live a life of quality those last six years.   


When Robin was 45 she found this amazing program. Within two months of following it her cholesterol dropped to normal numbers and has stayed there since.  When this program came into her life, she knew this was her way to help others!  Because of this program she has been able to improve her health.  She doesn’t have to follow her parents health path…the chain has been broken! She is going to be 50 this year.  Three years away from the age her Dad passed away.  Every day she thinks about how much her Dad missed and how much her mom suffered from something that was preventable.


She became a Health Coach because she saw this program teach people how to really take control of their health and learn 

long term lifestyle changes.  This program has given her the power to help others so they don’t suffer the same loss as she did.  It’s Robin’s mission to help as many people as she can get control of their health so they don’t leave their families too early, suffer in hospitals or live a life on medications for something that may be preventable.  She is passionate about giving people the ability to live the life they’ve always dreamed of.  


Are you where you want to be in your life?  With your health?  How is your health affecting those around you? 


Is it time to make YOU a priority and make a change?


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Robin McGowan 

A Journey To A Healthier You