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I stream, you stream, we all stream with Chi-Stream.

35 years ago. Many people in my local area were just getting cable at that time. It was a higher tech alternative to iffy reception from over the air antenna tv. Our highest tech entertainment options beside that were video tapes, costly 12 inch laser discs and the Atari 2600. Cable bills were roughly $30 per month and provided about 30-40 channels. By contrast today, we have antenna reception that either works or doesn't, full high def and ultra high def discs and streaming services that can deliver over 300 channels for the same priced as cable was back then while cable runs $100 plus per month. Isn't it time to simply your life and cut the cord to the old tech?

Also placeholder for pointing out the virtues of streaming services.

Video below is also placeholder for video of services for MachTV