James Gilbert was born and raised in Oklahoma. His father was a Champion horse rider and he followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a professional jockey as a teenager. Immediately upon graduating high school, James took off for New York City to ride for the biggest team in the country. He had a very good career and actually holds the world record for the most wins (32), by the same jockey with the same horse! That horse's name was "NO OBSTICLE" - intentionally misspelled for whatever reason. Naturally, James had a special bond with "No Obsticle" and after he was retired, James brought him back to his family farm in Oklahoma to live out his days. It is in that horse's honor that James named his company "No Obsticle Sales & Marketing". The company

specializes in selling retail/household goods to consumers through expos and fairs throughout IL, WI  & IA. The American Dream Marketing Team is helping James to expand his business/income by expanding his network. No Obsticle Sales & Marketing is now a part of Culinary Fight Club - a monthly cooking competition that pits Chefs/Cooks against each other to compete for prizes that include a custom laser engraved "Champion" 8" knife by Rhineland Cutlery - a product that is exclusively distributed by No Obsticle Sales & Marketing.