Commission Structure

Anyone can earn money by sharing our comprehensive marketing program with any entrepreneur. A  5% commission will be paid for any direct referral.

However, entrepreneurs who purchase the marketing program for themselves can earn substantially more per this schedule:

Purchase                        Earn

VIP -        $1 K               10% 

Bronze -  $2 K               10% + 5%

Silver    -  $4 K               10% + 5% + 5%

Gold     -  $7 K               10% + 5% + 5% + 5%

Platinum- $10 K             10% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5%

Commissions only paid AFTER first level on fully pre-paid packages. MUST be fully pre-paid in advance.

Financing on any package with approved credit: 50% deposit/ $500/month.

All benefits of upgrading a package can be enjoyed IF the upgrade is made within

90 days of original purchase.

This basic contract can be printed out and used to

complete a sale:






Client_____________________________ agrees to purchase a

____________________________________ Marketing Package.

I agree to provide an interview and photographs to complete my AMERICAN DREAM STORY, which American Dream Magazine will produce in a 4 page brochure format, email blast to our data base and execute all aspects of the package per the published menu.



Print Name__________________________ Date_____________

Sign________________________________ Date_____________

American Dream Magazine

Tom Jikomes________________________ Date_____________