Jane Bell was born and raised in the former Soviet Union in the city of Leningrad, which is now St. Petersburg. As all children in Russia do, Jane completed her primary education in 10 years instead of the 12 year structure in the US. Jane felt the urge to study in America. She was able to find a host family in Vermont and so fulfilled her dream of coming to America to study at the age of 18. She spent 6 months learning the              English language. It didnt take long for Jane to realize that Creative Writing was her favorite subject. She was amazed at the technique used by her teacher, who would turn the lights off. She was amazed at the technique used by her teacher, who would turn the lights off, light candles and let the students even use sleeping bags to relax and meditate in order to unleash their creative writing power. Jane found the learning atmosphere in American the complete opposite of the atmosphere in Russia. She recalls that in Russia, she was constantly scolded for mistakes and demorlaized by derogatory comments from her teachers. 
In America, she found the exact opposite where every small accomplishment was praised and she was surrounded by positive reinforcement. Jane recalls the Nuse family she stayed with treated her like their own child. The blended family of two children from dad’s first marriage, two adopted Asian children and one of their own, bonded with Jane and that bond remains in place to this day. After the 6 months wer up, Jane had to fly back to Russia and quickly discovered that Russia was not her country.
She grew depressed and it took only 4 months to get herself situated and fly back to America to pursue her American dream. Jane recalls the feeling she got when she flew over the Statue of Liberty on that return flight. She still gets goose bumps when she thinks about it, the feeling of "coming home" to America.

Upon returning to America to fulfill her American Dream, Jane came to Chicago this time, where her friend had settled and helped her to find her first job as a nanny for a nice family in Highland Park. Jane is very thankful to the Kraff family, who helped her to get acclimated in America. They not only helped Jane, but also helped her mother come from Russia and pursue her American Dream as well.














  After a year and a half,Jane felt the need to move onward and left her nanny position for a position at Enterprise Rental Car business. She moved to Deerfield with a girlfriend and started attending classes at Harper College, where she studied computer programming. After her time at Enterprise, Jane moved on to a staffing service where she really enjoyed “connecting” people. Jane then found a job that really connected her to the event world when she took a position with a sports marketing company. Her job entailed attending professional sports games including the Bulls, Hawks and White Sox. The business sold rotational signage at sporting events. Then, in 2002, life took a dramatic turn for Jane. With the depression of a divorce going on in her life, Jane was diagnosed with MS. She was absolutely rocked with stress and yet somehow found the inner strength to bypass the insistence of medical doctors to begin a drug regimen and sought out her own solution. She researched the stories of survivors and found a common thread to their stories... no drug therapy.
  Jane was particularly drawn to the story of Jackie Riggs, whose book “Curing the Incurable” changed her life. The book is filled with dozens of success stories of people who used a variety of self treatments. Jane also took the advice of Dr. Swank, author of “Spontaneous Healing” and Dr. Lisa Lau, who gave Jane a variety of herbs. Jane began attending a variety of self-healing seminars throughout the Midwest and then decided to go to work for Norbekov Institute, who produced seminars and it was this job where Jane really acquired her love for organizing large events that helped people. 
   Fast forward to 2005 and we find Jane starting her company, SUCCESS MEDIA GROUP, that is designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Membership to the SUCCESS BUSINESS CLUB gives entrepreneurs full access to the office facilities. Jane teaches social media classes, a benefit that is also included in the membership, all starting for only $50 a month.
    The Success Media Group will be partnering with American Dream Magazine and JRE Entertainment on some upcoming Elvis Tribute Concerts that will be promoting the upcoming film “One Day Two Legends” about the day The Beatles met Elvis. Students from Columbia College in Chicago will be working on the concert project and the Producers of the film will be also interviewing some famous artists at Columbia to offer the students the experience. The film already features interviews with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees, Louise Harrison and members of Elvis’ band.

The Success Media Group will also be offering email marketing services from Constant Contact to their clients to help them use modern technology to maximize their marketing efforts. Classes about email marketing will be offered as well as the opportunity to promote their business to their massive data base as well. This new alliance with American Dream Magazine, Constant Contact and Columbia College further expands their marketing services to help their clients grow their businesses. Jane Bell of The Success Media Group has established herself as a tremendous source for small business owners throughout Chicago land and she is very excited to be growing her own business to keep offering more ways for business owners to keep growing theirs!

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