I have been passionate about helping people feeling good about themselves since I was a small girl. One of my earliest memories was of my mother making porcelains dolls. I was fascinated with how she was able to transform something plain and simple into a work of art by painting a life like face, adding a beautiful coffered hair style and clothing them in style. My mother made sure that I had many beautiful dolls to play with. I enjoyed doing their hair and changing their outfits. That was the beginning of my interest in fashion. Surprisingly as a teenager I was quite the tomboy but I had a really girly side as well. I played softball, football, rode dirt bikes, skied, snowboarded, did cheer leadering and more! One of my favorite hobbies though was writing. I won writing awards in school for poems, essays, articles, and songs. Writing is what led me to blogging and magazine editing. As I grew throughout my teen years I took more of an interest in my appearance and can recall experimenting with different looks and hairstyles. I would sit with my girlfriends for hours giving them makeovers. My mother picked up on my growing passion and gift so she made sure to enroll me in cosmetology school. I started going while I was in high school and I soon there after got a job as a receptionist at our local salon. I did really well in cosmetology school. At one point, the owner of the school made a point to take my mother aside to tell her that he felt I had a very special gift. I was finally on my way to using the gifts that I had been given to help others build a better self-image.

During my school year before graduating high school I discovered that I was pregnant. It was a challenge being a young single mother having to finish high school, going to beauty school, working and raising a child all at the same time. I was also faced with having to deal with cancer that was discovered while I was seeing a doctor for my pregnancy. It would not have been discovered early had it not been for my precious son. I had to wait until after his delivery to have my surgery and treatment which went well. Fortunately, I had the loving support of my family to help me along in my journey. Having health issues growing up including cancer has opened my eyes to holistic approaches to getting treatment and staying healthy.


It’s easy to get discouraged at times but in spite of all of life’s obstacles I have never been a quitter. As a child, I was the one that people liked to pick on and sometimes even bullied. I have learned that it is important to weed out the constructive criticism from the hurtful comments and to listen. As we grow as individuals it’s always a good plan to “upgrade” to a newer better model. I believe that positive energy makes a huge difference in the world and in our bodies and it is very important to do your best to keep an upbeat mindset.

Over the last twelve years of doing hair I have earned many awards and certifications, starting from my very first job as a stylist. I’m very grateful for the first salon experience that I had. It was helpful in training but eventually I knew I had to move on to bigger and better salons to further my career and educaton.  I worked at several different salons, never taking a break in between. When one door closed a new one was open and waiting for me. At one point I even managed a barber shop and worked with a traveling hair party company. I learned something valuable from each of the places that worked at that helped make me who I am and that has led me to where I am at today, my dream job!

I started blogging years ago. I started several mini blogs that included the subjects of holistic health, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, business, and motivation. I realized that if you put all of those subjects  together you have a haven of all things needed to really put yourself out there and thrive. Soon after I shut down all the separate blogs and combined them to create One Eighty Empire.

I  keep a vision board on my door as a reminder that giving up gets you nowhere. Some things on that board include, going on a vacation, purchasing and refurbishing a house, doing a celebrity's hair, and even owning  a Bull Mastiff. Vision boards put an image in your head to help remind you why you are working so hard. It’s a fun and easy project. You don’t have to be a great artist to make an impressive vision board. Once you make a list of your goals and aspirations collect magazine scraps, glitter, scissors, printables or whatever else you want to use to create your vision. Remember, it is for your inspiration and motivational purposes.

My best advice is to stay positive. We act based on what we believe. Positive and negative energy are living molecules. That means they are spread like a virus. So if you feel like someone is dragging you down, well they probably are. Words have the power to do harm or good. So keep positive thoughts, watch positive things, surround yourself with positive people, and treat negativity like the plague it is and avoid it.

I love to associate with other entrepreneurs like myself that are looking to achieve a better new tomorrow. It’s a good feeling to help people feel good about themselves and I do my best to do this on a daily basis. We all have bills to pay but your work should not just be about the money but about what you love to do and how you can use your gifts to help others. I hope to leave a legacy of love behind when I am gone. I want people to remember me for all that I did to encourage and uplift them. This boss lady wants to make a positive mark in this world. My message is “Be positive and upbeat. Leave the past where it is and begin creating and building your future right now“

Angela Morter

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